Financial Readiness: Learn Money Management

New financial obstacles? The Tri-County Bank is here to help with Banzai, to up your financial literacy game.
If you're experiencing financial pressure because of today's climate, you're not alone. The Tri-County Bank has your back. That's why they've generously sponsored Banzai, a financial education platform, to help you learn the skills you need to keep your cool and stay financially strong.
The Tri-County Bank is sponsoring Banzai for you, for FREE.
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Prepare for the Future

Whatever comes, you'll be ready—because Banzai has shown you the real numbers, the essential info.

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Teach Your Kids

Banzai courses are interactive and game-like, giving your kids a fun experience while exposing them to real-life financial dilemmas.

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Budget Wisely

Banzai helps you be accountable to yourself. When you need to flex your financial muscles, the Wellness Center will show you how to budget wisely and make good decisions.

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Check out a collection of resources built for those financially struggling during these times.
Teach the Value of a dollar

Prepare your students for adult life with Banzai's interactive, personal finance curriculum.